Some of you may already used Vmware before, but most of people did not know what Vmware is about and the benifits it can bring.


Vmware is a software which allows you to simulate another operting system (OS) virtually in your existing operation system, such as XP, Vista, or even Linux. You don't even need to restart your existing system to use your it. The virtual OS you are going to install can be anything that you can think of, like Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP, Vista, all kind of Linux systes and others.


When establishing the virtual OS, you are asking to assing hard disk space,  IP address, and network parameters for it. once it is done, the virtual OS will be saved in the format of a file so that you can carry it around and run it at any machine with Vmware installed, by just copying the file and pasting.  the file includes disk space and all information it needs to work. The virtual can share all peripheral resources as a real OS does.

Some of you might came cross system problems with dual OS, Vmware will give you rest.

It is difficult to understand for the beginners, but it is easy to use.

go to find tutorials online which can help you understand how it works.

Try it and it is fun.

you can download from:

refer to:

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