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In the company's websit, it declaims the following information:

Spyware Doctor with AntiVirus now includes an optional Behavior Guard.Incorporating the award-winning ThreatFire technology, Behavior Guardprotects against the latest threats by monitoring and blockingdangerous threat activity from occurring on your PC.

Most antivirus products will miss these threats because they simplydo not know how to detect them yet. But ThreatFire's ActiveDefensetechnology does, and has shown to provide up to 243% more protectionthan traditional standalone AntiVirus products. See the table below.

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Several famous antivirus software are included in the comparison. I don't know how good Spyware Doctor compares with them. But according my experience, Spyware Doctor can protect itself from memory attack better than some Ace antivirus software, such as ESS32. But I still like to use ESS32 because of less resource and memroy used by ESS32.


Download from

Official site: http://www.pctools.com/mirror/sdasetup.exe



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