Xmind 已經由 3.0 版更新到 3.1 版,有興趣使用的朋友可以到下列網址更新

Open source user can download 3.0.1 at: http://www.xmind.net/downloads/

Pro user can download 3.0.1 at: http://www.xmind.net/pro/downloads/ (要先付費才能使用喔)


Change of version 3.0.1

New Features:
1. New Mind Map Structure: Clockwise and Anti Clockwise 2. Import XMind 2008 file.
3. Export to XMind 2008 file.
4. Map Shot:  User can set a path to save.
5. Hyperlink: Users can add Local File/Folder link, and topic link(in the same workbook) to a topic.
6. The personal markers in a map can be seen after opening the map in another computer.
7. Multi-lingual: New languages package including German, Janpanese, Chinese(Simplifiled), Chinese(Traditional) 8. New relationship style: Zigzag.
9. New markers.

1. XMind can not run on PowerPC-based Mac OS X Tiger 10.4.
2. Print dialog will be freeze sometimes.
3. Marker, legend will become ugly if printing the map.
4. Extract a Theme, and apply to a map. This theme will be lost after reopening XMind and that file.
5. If users enable the Auto Save in XMind, open a new workbook and edit it, then leave XMind and do other work. After a while, there will be many "Save as" dialog.
6. Open the build-in browser, and open a website, now if there is no response after clicking a URL inside this website, closing this browser view will close XMind.
7. SpellCheck is in.
8. If users use XMind 3 to open an XMind 2008 file which has wallpaper, that wallpaper can not be read.
Some other bugs fixed.

1. Can not open all XMind 2008 files directly.
2. Theme will be seen after uploading and exporting to images.
3. Users can drag an image into XMind as an individual topic.
4. Ctrl+Home will let users focus on Central topic and central topic be at center.
5. Users can change the Row order in Spreadsheet easily.
6. Importing Mind Manager file performs better.
7. Hightlight the theme in current map in the theme view.
8. If a topic is near the left or right of editor, and now double clicking or F2 to edit it, the map will jump to let this topic be center of editor.
9. The Fishbone Chart has tapered line.
10. There is a print icon on toolbar.
11. New .deb package for Debian/Ubuntu Linux.
12. Open .xmind file directly from Share.xmind.net.
Some other improvements.

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