Today was Halloween which is a holiday for kids' trick-or-treat and teenage parties.
There were many fireworks event around Richmond City. The closest was at Minoru Park only 10-minute walk away from my home.

Venia wore her mom's master's robe and put on a human skull mask as her costume.
She knocked door after door in our community for candies with her classmates and everyone had a lot of funs and enjoyed this wonderful night.

Victoria dressed herself up like a secretary and went for a Halloween party with her boyfriend.
I really don't know where Leo went. He told me he was around Thompson Community Center with his friends, but did not mentioned where he exactly was. I think he was probably with his girlfriend.

Leo usually talked with the girl for a long while at night and has accumulated a bill over $600 in the last two months.


I will put some Halloween pictures later for your enjoyment.


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